As soon as you're signed in to you can start developing sites. This is a short introduction to creating, managing and deleting your websites using Pilvia dashboard.

Creating a new website

You can get started by creating your first site by clicking the create site button on our dashboard, as shown in the picture below. 

Create site button opens up form where you can enter the name of your website, and choose its location.

If you leave the "Install WordPress" -box checked, you can also initialise your website with a WordPress install upon creation. 

You can also install WordPress afterwards from our dashboard.

Manage sites

Pilvia Platform allows you to manage an unlimited number of sites. You will see a list of all your sites. Click site name/row to see the detailed view of each site.

Detailed view of each site includes:

  • URL of site
  • Addresses section
  • Security settings
  • SFTP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin
  • WordPress tools: Replace urls, Clone site
  • Publish (Publish with your own domain)

What's next?

Deleting your site

You can delete your website by clicking the "Delete"-button located at the bottom-right of your website dashboard.

This will open a confirmation form. Write "ABC" (in caps) to confirm the process.

NOTE: You cannot delete Published websites. Unpublish a site before attempting deletion.

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