This article covers migrating your live website to Pilvia.

All-in-One WP Migration:

This WordPress plugin takes care of all of your migration worries automatically. Start by installing the plugin on your production website.

Once the plugin is installed, you can export a website using the Export-feature found in the plugin menu, located at the WordPress Admin sidebar.

Check the "Do not replace email domain (sql)" -box, otherwise during the import-process, the email domain would be replaced with your Pilvia development address, and you probably don't want that.

To start the process, click on "File". Once you complete the short flow, a .wpress file will be downloaded to your local computer, containing a sort of a zip of your website. Handy!

To import the .wpress file, create a new page at Pilvia, and install WordPress on it. Log in to WP-Admin, and install All-in-One WP Migration -plugin to your new website, just like you did with your production site earlier. This time, choose the Import-feature from the sidebar.

Select "File", and choose the .wpress file from your local computer. Proceed forward as instructed, and voila, a copy of your production website now resides at Pilvia behind a developmental address.

Note that since you copied the WordPress installation from the production website, the login information to WP-Admin has now changed: it's the same as for your production website.

If you now wish to host your production website here, you can refer to this article for instructions:

Also, to export a website from Pilvia to another hosting provider, you can complete these same steps in reverse.

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