The SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a network protocol used to securely transfer files from your computer to server and vice versa.  You’re reading this because you might want to edit wp-config.php or upload new themes/plugins to wp-content folder. For that, you need an FTP client with SFTP support. Most modern FTP-clients also support transfer over SFTP.

Install SFTP client

  1. Download and install (S)FTP client to your computer, ie. FileZilla or Cyberduck. 
  2. Click “Open Connection” (Or similar in other clients)
  3. Fill in your SFTP-details and click Connect. At Pilvia, you’ll find your site's details easily at one central place. (See the image.)

The files of your website are located inside the "site" -folder. Simply drag and drop or edit the files you want:

You can use text editors like Visual Studio Code, Atom or Sublime Text when you edit files.

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