As soon as you're signed in to you can start developing sites. This is a short introduction to our core features, New WordPress site creation and site management tools.

Let's get started!

I assume you've just signed up and you don't have any sites yet? Create your first site by clicking

  1. Choose whether or not to install WP right away. (I'll do it now for example. You can do it later as well)
  2. Fill out the Install WordPress form

You can also create new site without installing WP. That is used most commonly when you want to import another WordPress site from another server.

Manage sites

Pilvia Platform allows you to manage an unlimited number of sites. You will see a list of all your sites. Click site name/row to see the detailed view of each site.

Detailed view of each site includes:

  • URL of site
  • Addresses section
  • Security settings
  • SFTP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin
  • WordPress tools: Replace urls, Clone site
  • Publish (Publish with your own domain)

What's next?

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